The rise of the Medical Scribe

Medical Scribes are being given credit for “freeing busy doctors from screen time and giving them more face time with patients” across the country. There is an expected need of 20,000 medical scribes by end of 2014!  Read more about this need in an article from the StarTribune. “Harried doctors hail the rise of the […]

Medical Scribe Program at AHDPG

Check out our short video about our Medical Scribe Program on YouTube  and see if you are as excited as we are.  Give us a call today to find out more.  Ask for Lynn, our Admission Coordinator.    

A Key to Increasing Your Productivity – Your Workstation

What does your workstation say about you? Mine says I spend a lot of time in my chair; I like to pile (ahem, file) papers on one side of my desk; and according to the crumbs in my keyboard, I like bagels.  Fortunately, it also indicates that I have taken time to set up a […]

AHDPG is proud to be named a Military Friendly School for the 6th year in a row!

Welcome to Our Military Personnel and Their Spouses! AHDPGTM is proud to once again be named a Military Friendly School for 2015. This is our 6th consecutive year winning this distinction and something the entire team at AHDPGTM is extremely proud of. Now in its sixth year, the 2015 list of Military Friendly Schools ® […]

Technology, Data Security, and the Wall of Shame

A Surprising Statistic A recent blog article on the Modern Healthcare web site states that 12.1% of the U.S. population has had their protected health information (PHI) compromised in data breaches. That amounts to approximately 1 in 8 Americans that have been affected. With assurances of doctor-patient confidentiality, notice of HIPAA practices at the doctor’s […]

Scribe Integrity

Found this controversial article from an unnamed Scribe that really stirred some inward emotions as a nurse, MT and Scribe instructor. Although I understand the whole wanting to please your boss (the physician) and the the hospital, I think the bigger picture is being missed here in the article. Scribes are suppose to save time […]

The American Healthcare Documentation Professional Group (AHDPG) Acquires Coding Coaches to Broaden Its Online Training and Service Offerings

As the nation’s leading provider of outsourced transcription services and online training for individuals seeking to launch exciting careers in medical billing, medical coding, medical transcription, medical scribing or as a clinical or administrative medical assistant the combination of these two respected firms will continue to ensure each graduate is competently trained, certified and able […]

Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Apple is leading an initiative to get mobile devices more integrated into the healthcare arena. With their upcoming iOS 8 and its HealthKit app as being an all-in-one solution for medical professionals to store patient data like blood pressure, pulse, and weight, they are hoping that physicians will use the available data to improve diagnostics and treatment […]

Google Glass Enters the Operating Room

By now most of us have heard of Google Glass. If you have not, you need to Google it! Came across this article about Google Glass entering the operating room. It does mention about how medical software developers plan to customize it and make it HIPAA compliant. Even though physicians are already operating at dangerously […]