Do you have what it takes to become a Medical Scribe?

The Medical Scribe role is becoming increasingly more vital in today’s evolving healthcare environment. The Medical scribe is a trained healthcare documentation professional who works side-by-side with a physicians in a variety of clinical settings to relieve the administrative burden and allow the physician to more fully focus on the patient. Check out our Medical […]

Calling All Transcriptionists: The World Needs You!

Change can breed confusion. And with the explosion of information and data that is occurring in the “technology revolution” and the growth of social media, every industry has developed its share of confusion, legends and myths. With all the changes happening in the healthcare industry, especially around EMR and healthcare documentation, misinformation and misconception can […]

When does it make sense to change transcription service providers?

As healthcare continues to embrace Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR), Transcription Service professionals play an ever more integral role in capturing each individual patient story. It is essential to have properly trained professionals managing the documentation process. As with any organization, having the right people in the right positions translates directly into efficient and cost […]

Patient Care Team Infographic- The Patient Story in EMR

In addition to the doctor, other healthcare professionals contribute to the Patient Story in EMR, and everyone involved must take into consideration the unique nature of each individual patient profile as well as confidentiality requirements. As much as EMR programs provide access to data and add an element of speed, they add a layer of […]

Let’s Work Smarter

As technology continues to evolve and the speed at which information can be processed with technology continues to increase, it’s important to remember that the ability to process information at the human level remains virtually unchanged. The speed of technology far outpaces the speed of evolution. Despite this, technological advancements continue, and continue to change […]

Interested in becoming a Clinical Medical Assistant?

Some of the best long term careers are in the medical field. If you are looking for something that does not take years of medical school, how about starting off your new career as a Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA)?  Clinical Medical Assistants are an important part of the healthcare industry and are an in demand profession.  […]

As electronic health records grow, so does demand for medical scribes.

Crain’s Detroit Business By Darius Tahir, Modern Healthcare The old saw about technology says it destroys jobs in some sectors and creates new ones in others. But the adage probably couldn’t have predicted the case of electronic health records and the growing number of medical scribes who work with them. Even as EHR use increases, […]

Medicare Global Package Proposed Change

The 2015 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule, published in the July 11 Federal Register, includes a proposal (section II.B.4) to transition all CPT codes currently assigned a 10-day global period to a 0-day global period in 2017. Codes assigned a 90-day global period would transition to a 0-day global period in 2018. The impact of […]

Scribes Help Doctors Focus on Patients, Not Computers

Medical Scribes have proven to be a vital part in the clinical documentation role. Scribes have become increasingly popular in the fast paced emergency rooms where it is critical to move patients through quickly. Check out this article on – “Scribes Help Doctors Focus on Patients, Not Computers”