New Study: The Future of Medical Scribes Documenting in the Electronic Health Record

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Medical Scribe Study:  The authors of a recent study by BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making “state that no other shadowing opportunity allows pre-medical students to be as immersed in medicine as scribing.

Furthermore, the study also stated, “We also saw internal pressures to the system. The most notable of these could be the increased use of alternative models of scribing. This could entail the increased employment of non-medical school-bound individuals or MAs/LPNs/RNs, which would decrease the need for the popular pre-professional scribing model.”

In conclusion, Many experts thought that if the scribe role could be expanded to allow scribes to document more or take on more informatics activities, it would be beneficial. With COVID-19 continuing to change workflows, it is critical that medical scribes receive standardized training as tele-scribing continues to grow in popularity and new roles for scribes as medical team members are identified.

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