How to Become a Doctor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Participate in Meaningful Extracurricular Activities

How to become a doctor – aspiring physicians should gain some clinical experience to see if they would enjoy practicing medicine.

A premed who does well in his or her courses but does nothing else is unlikely to get noticed by and admitted into top medical schools. So it’s important that prospective med students do something besides study, experts say.

However, the quality of a person’s activities outside the classroom matters much more than either the quantity of activities or the number of hours devoted to those activities.

Substantive scholarly research or a job as either a medical scribe or a medical assistant tends to be viewed positively in the admissions process, med school admissions officers say. They also suggest that accomplishments in nonscientific or nonmedical endeavors such as music or athletics are an asset since they make a candidate appear to be well-rounded and suggest that he or she is an interesting person.

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