When does it make sense to change transcription service providers?


As healthcare continues to embrace Electronic Medical Record Systems (EMR), Transcription Service professionals play an ever more integral role in capturing each individual patient story. It is essential to have properly trained professionals managing the documentation process. As with any organization, having the right people in the right positions translates directly into efficient and cost effective operations.

Without a doubt, it’s an exciting time to be working in the healthcare industry. It’s an exciting time to be alive. There is so much going on with technology that is changing, not just healthcare, but changing the world. Along with all the fascinating improvements in technology come a lot of options that can affect how we work, and raise a lot of questions. As soon as you get things settled, new options arise that can make your decision seem already outdated.

A common technology misconception is that installing technology (electronic medical record systems or speech recognition software, etc.) can eliminate transcriptionists as a cost saving measure. However, electronic medical records systems and/or speech recognition software cannot replace transcription, since healthcare documentation specialists are essential to the auditing and verification process that facilitates quality and integrity of documentation.

Trying to solve this problem by transferring responsibility of “self-editing” or the creation of the healthcare documentation solely to the shoulders of the physician results in a.) increased costs by asking a $200/hr. doctor to do what a $20 an hour MT can do and b.) removes a vital “auditor” to ensure the accuracy of the information going into the electronic medical record system.

Not only are changes in technology affecting HIM processes, but combine that with evolving regulatory and compliance requirements, and pressure to reduce costs, and it can be quite challenging just trying to keep up. But without accurate, concise healthcare documentation, it is impossible to achieve core measures, transition to ICD-10, establish clinical data mining to produce required statistics, and/or most importantly, provide optimal patient care.

For over 20 years the team at AHDPGTM has been providing healthcare documentation services, staffing and training to the healthcare marketplace. AHDPGTM’s transcription technology and services drive exceptional electronic documentation that better supports the information challenges your facility is facing today, such as preparing for ICD-10, achieving Meaningful Use, and optimizing patient care.

Unlike many medical transcription service organizations, AHDPGTM is platform independent; meaning we do not mandate which technology will best meet the needs of your facility. Instead we focus on providing the high quality, well-trained labor resources needed to best support the healthcare documentation creation process at your facility. Our platform independence allows us the flexibility to step in at a moment’s notice and assist your facility’s backlog, either on a PRN, overflow or total outsource basis.

As a platform independent provider of transcription services we have supported clients on a variety of platforms including 3M/ChartScript.net/ChartScript.com, Arrendale, Dolbey, Epic, GE, IDX, Infraware, Meditech, M*Modal/MedQuist, Nuance/eScription/Dictaphone, McKesson and many, many more!

AHDPGTM’s unique combination of technology, processes, and services:

  • Accelerates turnaround time.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Minimizes capital outlay.
  • Transforms dictation into meaningful clinical information to support optimal patient care.

With the upcoming launch of ICD-10 the volume and specificity of healthcare documentation is going to explode. Now is the time to put things in place to support everything else the hospital/health system is doing.

When does it make sense to change Transcription Service Providers? Now.