52,800 healthcare jobs added in September; hospitals see job loss

Healthcare added 52,800 jobs in September, with hospitals losing jobs for the first month since May, according to the latest jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The September count marks the fifth consecutive month the industry has added jobs. However, it is down from the 75,300 healthcare jobs added in August and the 125,500 healthcare jobs added […]

Study provides new solution to offset the cost of medical scribes

Requirements for electronic health records are greater now than ever, and that burden is exacerbating the problem of physician burnout. However, there might be a solution: the medical scribe. New research led by Neda Laiteerapong MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University Chicago Medicine, indicates the real value of adding this healthcare professional to […]

Retraining Existing Employees Can Help Mitigate the Effects of Healthcare’s Workforce Shortage

The healthcare job market is pretty tight at the moment. This is due in part to ongoing nurse and physician shortages. Healthcare professionals have been exiting the workforce faster than they’re joining it. That has posed a challenge for healthcare providers as they seek to fill in the gaps. One possible solution, thought, might be […]

Medical Scribes Reduce EHR Burden, Boost Physician Satisfaction in Primary Care

The use of medical scribes in primary care can reduce the electronic health record (EHR) documentation burden for clinicians, improve workflow and job satisfaction, and enhance clinician-patient interaction, a small crossover study suggests.  This is the conclusion of a recent study conducted b, Pranita Mishra, MPP, and colleagues from Kaiser Permanente in Northern California.  The […]

Medical Scribes May be More Financially Viable Under Capitated Payment in the Primary Care Setting

Team documentation (i.e., the use of medical scribes) has the potential to improve primary care clinician satisfaction and efficiency, yet little has been known about the financial and time use implications. A new study finds that, compared to fee-for-service payment, capitation-based systems may require less external financing to support team documentation. The study used a […]

AHDPG Announces Availability of Medical Scribe Specialty Training Series

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]SHREWSBURY, Mass., June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group, Inc. announced today the launch of two new medical scribe specialty training courses: Medical Scribe Training for Cardiology and Medical Scribe Training for Dermatology. These courses represent the first two courses of what will eventually be a series of approximately 15 – […]

AHDPG Applauds House Bill Supporting VA Medical Scribe Project; Scribe Certification

The House passed the VA MISSION Act (S. 2372) by a bipartisan vote of 347-70. This legislative package includes the VA Medical Scribe Pilot Act, a bill co-authored by Walden to help unburden VA doctors by bringing medical scribes into the VA system, which will allow them to see more patients in a timely manner. […]

10 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Medical Scribe

U.S. News recently published an article entitled, 10 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Medical Scribe Ahead of Med School.  If you’re considering a career in medicine, working as a medical scribe is a best bet for familiarizing yourself with patient care. A scribe works directly with physicians, primarily focused on charting patient encounters in the electronic […]

Physicians Who Have Medical Scribes are More Satisfied and Spend More Time with Patients

Physicians who work with medical scribes are much more satisfied with their clinic hours, the length of face to-face time they spend with patients, and the time they spend charting, according to the first randomized clinical trial of scribes, recently published in the journal Annals of Family Medicine. “Spending less time on documentation frees up […]