AHDPG Announces Availability of Medical Scribe Specialty Training Series

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]SHREWSBURY, Mass., June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group, Inc. announced today the launch of two new medical scribe specialty training courses: Medical Scribe Training for Cardiology and Medical Scribe Training for Dermatology. These courses represent the first two courses of what will eventually be a series of approximately 15 – 17 courses in our Medical Scribe Specialty Training Series.
AHDPGTM Announces Availability of Medical Scribe Specialty Training Series

Like physicians who after completing medical school usually further their education in a specialty of medicine by completing a multi-year residency, a medical scribe can benefit by enhancing their knowledge in a specific specialty or specialties.

These courses are designed for practicing medical scribes and/or graduates of AHDPGTM‘s Medical Scribe Professional or Medical Scribe for Practicing Allied Health Professionals training programs.

Each specialty specific course trains each scribe candidate in the areas of anatomy and physiology, diseases, terminology and abbreviations, medications, procedures, billing/coding requirements, and charting. Each course is online, self-paced with instructor feedback and assistance as needed. Each course includes approximately 20 clock hours of instruction and is designed to be completed in less than 30 days.

“As the use of certified medical scribes become more commonplace and more healthcare organizations choose to leverage their existing allied health professionals in the role of medical scribe on a longer-term basis, our medical scribe specialty training course is designed to help advance the skills and meet the unique requirements of each specialty,” says Peter Reilly, CEO of the American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group. “The better we can prepare each scribe, the better they can capture the healthcare documentation needed to support patient care, and this serves both the physicians and patients best.”

AHDPGTM‘s Medical Scribe Specialty Series is just one way we are working to help individuals become highly skilled medical scribe professionals and healthcare organization better develop their own team(s) of internally managed medical scribes. Our Medical Scribe Training, Certification and Implementation Support Program includes the following key elements:

A FREE Online Medical Scribe Readiness Assessment
2 Initial Medical Scribe Training Programs; our Medical Scribe Professional Training Program and our Medical Scribe for Practicing Allied Health Professional Training Program
On-site (On-the-Job) Scribe Training for Physicians and their Scribes
National Medical Scribe Certification Exam

Availability, Pricing and Additional Resources

The AHDPGTM Medical Scribe Training for Cardiology and Dermatology courses are now available on our website at https://ahdpg.com/scribe-specialty/ or you can call Ms. Lynn Calkins, our Admissions Coordinator at 508-925-0556 for more details. The price for each training course is $295 and we offer quantity discounts to organizations looking to enroll ten (10) or more scribe candidates in each medical scribe specialty course.


The American Healthcare Documentation Professional Group (AHDPGTM) is a premier provider of healthcare documentation services, staffing and training. Since 1992, we’ve provided healthcare documentation services, staffing and training to hospitals, medical clinics, physician groups and other healthcare organizations. We also provide comprehensive healthcare documentation training to individuals and healthcare organizations in the following areas.

  • Medical Transcription
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  • Medical Administrative Assistant
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  • Medical Billing & Reimbursement
  • Outpatient Medical Coding
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We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and our Medical Transcription training program is approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity’s Approval Committee for Certificate Programs (ACCP).

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