Rebranding the AHDI Credentialing Exams

If you have not heard, there are going to be some changes for the RMT and CMT certifications.    New credentials will be  RHDS or CHDS.  Below is the article from AHDI – In late 2013, the current Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) and Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) exams will be rebranded and renamed to Registered Healthcare […]

As a Medical Scribe You Can Launch a New Career in Healthcare

It’s well known that, in the vast majority of cases, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) make doctors far less efficient when seeing patients. Why? Because it’s rather difficult to tend to the computer when you’re supposed to be focusing on the patient. It’s relatively easy to write with pen and paper while listening and explaining. It’s […]

Windows 8 in the Transcription Industry. Tips and Information

As it goes with technology, Microsoft and others continually update their operating systems to add new features and security.  From time to time they change the whole user interface (UI) to a new look and feel but typically the changes are minor. This is not the case with Windows 8. Microsoft has totally revamped the UI […]

Clinical Medical Assistant, is it for you?

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Maybe it is time to give your career that much needed BOOST, but how?  Think about becoming a Clinical Medical Assistant. The clinical medical assistant is an important healthcare expert who performs tasks related to basic patient care. They are a crucial component to any doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital.  Starting […]

Speech Recognition Editing – Do You Have the Skills?

Speech recognition is the process by which specialized software, often called a “speech engine,” transforms the spoken word into written text.  Speech recognition is being used more and more in the healthcare documentation industry as a complement to what we think of as “traditional” medical transcription. Speech recognition technology (SRT) does not eliminate the need […]

Electronic Encoders: Friend or Foe?

In today’s day and age, everything seems to be about technology, instant gratification, quicker turn around as well as more for less.  I can say that I have seen and worked within the concept of “more for less” for many years and it just seems to be the nature of our society today, or so […]

Medical Billing and Coding…..Is it Billing? Is it Coding? How do I choose?

Almost everywhere you turn today you see the combination of Medical Billing and Coding or Medical Coding and Billing tied together in some way shape or form so many people, if they are not familiar with the medical profession may believe that they are one in the same process.  In reality, they are really quite […]

Productivity in Medical Transcription and Documentation – Expand Responsibly

As a healthcare documentation specialist – whether our title is medical transcriptionist, editor, or medical language specialist – our pay may be largely based on productivity.  Often it may seem that productivity becomes front and center – after all, this is our livelihood.  More lines means more money! Well, yes, BUT (and it’s a big […]

Medical Scribe-The Job Description!

Medical Scribes are individuals trained in medical documentation who assist a physician throughout their shift. The primary goal of a Medical Scribe is to increase the efficiency and the productivity of the physician they are working for. The Medical Scribe allows the doctor to focus on what is most important, the patient. A summary of […]