Found this controversial article from an unnamed Scribe that really stirred some inward emotions as a nurse, MT and Scribe instructor. Although I understand the whole wanting to please your boss (the physician) and the the hospital, I think the bigger picture is being missed here in the article. Scribes are suppose to save time for doctors so doctors can in turn do a better job because they have a little more time. No, there is still not an abundance of time. There never is in health care.  Scribes should not be asked to compromise their integrity. Instead, perhaps, the patients need be treated at a level 5 to be medically coded and ultimately billed for level 5 reimbursement. If the CEO was asked at any hospital, I think they would agree that level 5 billing deserves level 5 care and it would ultimately fall back on the physician to uphold this standard of care, not to cheat the system. Here at AHDPGTM, we put many premed students through our Scribe program with goals to later become physicians. It is a wonderful bridge career! For our Scribe graduates with future aspirations of becoming a physician, remember that integrity says a lot about who you are.   I would like to think that Scribes who move on to become physicians will have an even better understanding and can step up their game just a little more!  See the full story here.