A Call-out To U.S. Hospitals To Help Put Americans Back to Work!

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The #1 issue during last week’s Presidential debate and the #1 issuing currently facing our country is unemployment. The unemployment rate is currently hovering around 7.8% and depending upon who’s numbers you believe somewhere between 12 and 23 million Americans can’t find a job! That’s a travesty!

People who can’t find a job, can’t pay taxes and find it difficult to pay for healthcare – as a result, hospitals are facing declining revenue, budget cuts and possibly their own layoffs!

What can you do about it?

Recognize that many large medical transcription service organizations are sending your dictation off-shore and taking the jobs that go along with it. In some cases we’re talking about thousands of jobs. And if that’s not bad enough…they are also charging a handsome price for it too!

What can you do about it?

Decide today to send some of your work to a company which uses 100% U.S. based labor resources.

Who are we?

The American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group is a team of experienced industry professionals who are ready to provide your organization with high quality documents, fast turnaround and exceptional customer service at a fair price. We have been providing outsourced transcription services since 1992; we use only U.S. based labor and are “platform independent.”

Our “platform independence” allows you to use whichever technology is currently in place thereby eliminating any disruption to your operations. It also allows us to step in immediately.  And don’t worry, in the event you require the use of a technology platform, our “platform independence” allows us greater flexibility to provide the one that best suits your needs.

Since 1992 we have gained experience working with all the major platforms including 3M, Arrendale, Dictaphone, Dolbey, eScription, IDX, Infraware, MedQuist, MModal, Nuance, McKesson, etc. and as a premium level service provider we bring significant benefits to our client relationships, including:

  • A seasoned management team.
  • A commitment to use only U.S. based Healthcare Documentation Specialists.
  • Available production capacity to adequately staff your account 24x7x365.
  • Ability handle all types of work – HIM, Radiology, Cardiology, etc.
  • Editing or straight transcription.
  • A proven Quality Assurance program.
  • A commitment to pricing transparency.

Most importantly, we understand the important role our services have on your ability to provide high-quality, cost-effective patient care.

With so many Americans out of work don’t let the recent industry consolidation force you to accept:

  • Unwanted technology or platform changes
  • Detached customer service
  • Reduced quality
  • Reduced turnaround time compliance
  • Increased physician dissatisfaction

For all the right reasons, including putting Americans back to work, give us a call today and let’s setup a time to see how we can do our part and get America moving again!

If you give us a chance, we bet we can do the work for the same price (maybe even a little better) as you are currently paying…but we will put the money in the pockets of hard working Americans!

It’s a win for you, it’s a win for our neighbors and it’s a win for our country!

Contact us at 800-407-1186, extension 3 for more details.   We are the company that is large enough to perform but small enough to care!