ICD-9-CM / CPT Updates and Changes for 2013


Here we are, October 1 right around the corner which means that 2013 ICD-9-CM goes into effect.  This means that as of Monday, October 1 everyone should be putting their 2012 ICD-9-CM references away and pulling out their 2013 references for use first thing in the morning.  Now a question you should consider, should I be attaching 2013 ICD-9 codes to services that were performed prior to the October 1 date?  The rule of thumb is that the 2013 ICD-9 code sets go into effect for services starting on October 1.  So as you are working through your coding work load over the next few weeks (because we all know that there is always a slight turn-around time when coding) keep an eye on your date of service to be sure that you are attaching yourproperICD-9-CM code sets.

This process could be a bit tedious, couldn’t it? Would you like an easier way to keep track of this process?  It is actually really simple and a process that you should always complete when you receive a new coding reference.  In each of your coding references, you will find a listing of updates and changes that have been made in your new code book.  In your ICD-9-CM reference it is located in the front of the code book.  Look these over to see if any of these changes will affect any of the common codes you use on a regular basis.  If there are changes, make yourself a note in your new code reference to refer back to your prior reference when coding that said code.  This makes this process much easier to manage.

When we reach January, 2013, be prepared for over 700 changes, revisions, and/or deletions to the 2013 CPT reference.  There are seminars that are now being advertised as well as webinars to highlight and review these updates if you are interested.  Also be aware that these updates and changes will also be listed in your CPT book in Appendix B so if you are not able to make it to any of these seminars or webinars, you will have this information for your review when you receive your new CPT books which should be currently shipping.

Now just to bring everyone up to speed, there are limited changes to the 2013 ICD-9-CM as the profession is preparing for the transition to ICD-10.  So you will not see much on information for the revisions, updates and changes to the ICD-9-CM as the profession is gearing up for ICD-10 which is set to be implemented October 1, 2014 as of the last publicized date. Be sure you are taking the steps you need to be sure that you are ready and prepared for the roll over to the new code sets that are coming into effect as the year comes to an end.  If in doubt, research, network and ask questions.  It is always better to query than to run blind in this profession.