Why Medical Billing and Coding Education?


In today’s day and age within the medical profession policies and procedures change on a daily basis. Providers are also having to work much harder today than they had to 5 years ago. Why you ask? Each year a provider’s percent of reimbursement for services provided is determined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (also known as CMS).

There is currently a proposal made by the CMS to decrease physician’s reimbursement 29.5% for the 2012 calendar year. This decrease in income is very sizeable and providers are going to have to rely on their coding and billing staff to be able to properly collect funds for services/procedures provided on the first submission of claims.

This is why a person needs to have an understanding of billing and coding in the medical profession. Providers do not have the luxuary or time to train staff on site to keep funds coming into their practices. Education is knowledge and a great way to secure a billing/coding position in the medical environment.