One Hour with Patients Equals Two Hours with EHR and Deskwork – Medical Scribes

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A recent study by the American Medical Association (AMA), reveals what many physicians are feeling – data entry and administrative tasks are cutting into the doctor-patient time that is central to medicine and a primary reason many physicians became doctors.  Medical scribes can help!

The AMA study shows that for every hour of direct clinical face time with patients, physicians spend nearly two hours of additional time on EHR and deskwork within the office day. Outside of office hours, physicians spend another one to two hours of personal time each night on data entry demands.

This administrative burden is driving increased physician burnout.  According to a recent InCrowd survey, Fifty-seven percent of primary care physicians and emergency medicine physicians have felt a sense of provider burnout on account of increase EHR use, the survey found. Nearly three-quarters of providers feel that their practice is not taking action to help mitigate and prevent provider burnout.

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