1. How much time will I need to invest to get through the program? You will want to how long the course takes (9 months, a year?) and how many hours you should expect to put in each week to make sure you finish on time. There is nothing worse than getting behind in anonline program. Once you are behind, catching up is hard to do.
  2. What are the admission requirements for this program? Do you need a high school diploma? Most of the time online schools will have you complete an entrance exam before you are allowed to take the program you are interested in.
  3. What type of materials will you receive in with your course? Will
    I have to buy any additional materials with your course? Does it cover the cost of shipping?
     Some schools will cover the costs of materials with tuition and others will not. It is important to know that up front that way you know what kind of investment you are looking at. If the school does not cover shipping, you will want to make sure and ask how much extra that will be.
  4. Are the instructor’s experts in the field they are teaching? This is an extremely important question! You want to make sure you are paying for the proper education taught by people who are trained and who are experts in their field. Simple thought but so many times we do not look into this.
  5. What kind of interaction can I expect from the instructor of the
    You will want to find out the office hours of your instructor and
    how you are allowed to contact them i.e. email, phone calls, instant messenger.
  6. Is there a defined grading scale?
    You do not want to come up short when it is time to graduate. Most schools have a clearly defined grading scale right on their website. If not, ask for one. It
    never hurts to have a clear understanding of what is expected of you.
  7. What system requirements do I need to have in order to take an
    online course?
    This will be specific to whatever program you are taking. You need to make sure what the requirements are so in case you need to buy something extra, you can budget for that and get it before your class starts.
  8. Does your school have a withdrawal and refund policy? Make
    sure you understand the schools withdrawal and refund policy before signing on the dotted line. Make sure it is clearly defined on the paperwork.
  9. How does this program compare to other online programs out
    I strongly suggest you make a list of schools you are comparing.
    Find the features that important for you to have in an online training program.
    Get all your questions answered and do your research. Remember, YOU will make the final decision on which program you will take so make sure it the right fit for your life.

               An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

~Author unknown