I have read several times of recent, a few interesting articles about the economy and jobs market.  One interesting fact seems to keep popping up in all the articles, the healthcare sector is the place to be.  The healthcare sector is growing by leaps and bounds and any jobs related to that industry are on the rise. Jobs like medical scribe, medical billing and coding, medical transcription/speech editing, healthcare IT, just to name a few would all seem to be in demand. It would appear to me that any training or certifications in the healthcare arena would be a worthwhile investment in ones future. I suppose as long as people are in need of medical attention requiring the services of a medical facility, and those facilities have a continued need to be paid for their services, this will be the case for a long time to come.  Not all the jobs for healthcare industry are for doctors and nurses. Certainly there are a lot of other areas that need skilled employees to make the whole thing work like those coders, transcriptionist, scribes ,admin and of course us IT folks. Here is an example of one of those articles I read recently.

 Healthcare IT News