Helping Hands Scholarship Program

For Healthcare Documentation Specialist Training Only

The Helping Hands Scholarship Program allows each student to make a small down payment of $295 and a static tuition payment each month until they graduate. Complete the Healthcare Documentation Specialist Training program in less than 12 months and save money! Example: complete in 11 months, and you will not make the 12th payment. Complete in 10 and save two monthly payments, etc.

The Helping Hands Scholarship Program is designed to reward students who can accelerate their studies by offering an opportunity to reduce their tuition costs; however, students should understand that if they take more than 12 months to complete the program, they must continue making monthly payments until they graduate. Withdrawing from the program early or being withdrawn from the program early does not relieve the student of their original financial obligation consistent with our Withdrawal—Refund Policy.

MyCAA Funding Program

We know that maintaining a career can be difficult for your military lifestyle. That’s why we provide a flexible way to complete your education in occupations that are essential nationwide. Learn at home, on your schedule for a career that will travel with you wherever you go. With MyCAA, your education costs maybe 100% covered, meaning you can focus on your future, not tuition costs. The U.S. Department of Defense administers the MyCAA Funding program.

Employer Sponsorship

If your employer is sponsoring your training, download and complete the Corporate Enrollment Form (PDF). When complete, please email it to [email protected]. Alternately, your employer can fill out the Corporate Enrollment Form online.