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Paid Work That Impresses Medical Schools

The requirements for premed students are constantly stacking higher and higher Between prerequisite coursework, extracurricular activities, the MCAT, CASPer, and more, it can be incredibly difficult for premeds to find time for all of their obligations. This becomes especially difficult when students have to work to generate income for themselves or their families. A medical scribe works alongside physicians and assists in the documentation of patient visits. Scribing can allow a premed student to get close doctor interaction while gaining skills in medical documentation, terminology, and treatment plans. Scribes also may get some direct patient interaction. Though this position requires specific training, there […]


Do you have what it takes to become a Medical Scribe?

The Medical Scribe role is becoming increasingly more vital in today’s evolving healthcare environment. The Medical scribe is a trained healthcare documentation professional who works side-by-side with a physicians in a variety of clinical settings to relieve the administrative burden and allow the physician to more fully focus on the patient. Check out our Medical Scribe Career infographic to learn more about the role, its requirements and responsibilities, and what the future looks like for those individuals interested in pursuing a career as a medical scribe.


Calling All Transcriptionists: The World Needs You!

Change can breed confusion. And with the explosion of information and data that is occurring in the “technology revolution” and the growth of social media, every industry has developed its share of confusion, legends and myths. With all the changes happening in the healthcare industry, especially around EMR and healthcare documentation, misinformation and misconception can occur just as easily, which leads to common misunderstandings about the different career opportunities that exist today. In a recent article for Dummies.com titled Ten Myths About Medical Transcription, Anne Martinez writes about some of the notions that have grown around the Medical Transcription profession. […]