AHDPG Statement of Principles

Honesty and Integrity in Our Dealings

  • We will uphold the highest level of integrity and ethics in our business transactions with our internal and external customers.
  • Respect and fair treatment of all employees.
  • We will respect and care for every employee in a straightforward and personable manner exemplifying fairness and employee vision in all of our interactions.

Quality Initiative Will Meet or Exceed any Customer Expectation

  • We are determined and committed to deliver the finest education to our students and customers so that we exceed their expectations.

Good Stewardship of Resources in Our Care

  • We are committed to excellence with all that we have been entrusted.  Attention to personal details will be exhibited at all times.  We believe that we are stewards of the work that we are given and will treat each student and customer accordingly.

Commitment to Our Customers, Families and Communities

  • We exist to serve our customers, students, families and communities. We serve them through our excellence, our customer service and by our commitment of our time and gifts.

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