HIPAA & HITECH Training and Certification Program

The U.S. government recently strengthened HIPAA enforcement under the HITECH Act. Now, stiffer penalties could cost organizations millions as well as critically damage an organizations reputation.

This comprehensive online training program covers the recent developments in the Privacy & Security Rules as well as the HITECH Act. It is designed for any professional who may come in contact with, process, or make decisions about how to handle protected health information or PHI. This would include:

  • Healthcare Providers.ahdi-approved-cec_final
  • Healthcare Clearing Houses.
  • Employer Group Health Plans.
  • Any Business Associate – as defined by HIPAA.
  • Health Insurance Companies.

The online training program is available 24x7x365 and is intended to satisfy the mandatory HIPAA and HITECH training component for any individual or organization. It provides an overview of the regulations and teaches learners how to recognize and protect protected health information (PHI) in oral, written and electronic forms. This course is AHDI approved for 2ML credits.

Scenario-based examples and practice activities illustrate and reinforce how compliance applies in various real-life situations. The course and final exam are designed to be completed in about one hour depending on the learner’s pace.

Following the successful completion of the program each learner will receive an email notifying them of their final exam grade and an option to download and print their certificate.


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