Medical Scribe Implementation Service

Medical Scribe Training & Implementation Program

Increased documentation requirements mean clinicians spend too much time entering data and less time interacting directly with patients. As a result:

  • Clinician satisfaction has decreased.
  • Patient satisfaction has decreased.
  • Patient throughput has decreased.
  • Revenue has decreased.

To improve operations and spend more time caring for patients share the healthcare documentation burden with your staff!

How?  You have two options:

Contract with a medical scribe management company who will provide inexperienced pre-med students to you on a per hour, per scribe basis and you’ll pay through the nose, typically $20 – $30/hour for however long you use that scribe!  While this model benefits the students, it does not serve providers well.


Partner with AHDPG where we believe your existing medical assistants, technicians, nurses, medical transcriptionists, etc., are better prepared, familiar with your clinicians and more loyal to your practice to take on the activities associated with medical scribing. And if your ranks are thin and you need to add to your existing team, we can help there too!

At AHDPG, we believe that consistency with experienced scribes will lead to increased quality time with your patients and increased profitability for your organization.

Our Scribe Training and Implementation
Support Program Overview

Medical Scribe Readiness Assessment – To Help You Choose the Best Candidates!
Our program starts with our online assessment, our FREE online Medical Scribe Readiness Assessment.  The Medical Scribe Readiness Assessment (MSRA) is set up to confirm each individual’s level of competency in the areas of Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Diseases Processes, Labs, Pharmacology, HIPAA, etc. – all skills necessary to be an effective scribe!  Please note: If you give out this link to your scribe candidates, please ask them to enter the name of your organization in the “affiliated organization” field so we can quickly and easily connect them to your project.

Two Online Training Programs to Choose – Select the Best Program for Each Candidate!

  • Medical Scribe for Practicing Allied Health Professionals (Expedited Program – 80 Clock Hours)
    This expedited program is designed specifically for practicing Allied Health Professionals. Students will use their extensive medical knowledge to advance their skills. Starting from the vantage point that each candidate for this program comes to us with a fundamental level of knowledge in anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, english grammar, computer skills and HIPAA, this course is designed to give each candidate the information and knowledge necessary to handle the activities associated with medical scribing.  Courses which would normally target new scribes (those with no previous healthcare experience) will be waived in this program.
  • Medical Scribe Professional (Comprehensive Program – 240 Clock Hours)
    The Medical Scribe Professional program is designed to train the individual in the field of medical scribing. Students will learn the fundamentals of the career including medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, electronic health records, medico-legal rules and regulations (including HIPAA), the bacics of medical billing and coding, and will use practical scribe scenarios to fulfill the diversity of the scribe training program. The skills and knowledge of a medical scribe may be applied in an ambulatory care clinic, surgical center, hospital setting, emergency department, and other health care environments within the U.S. healthcare system.

Students completing the Medical Scribe for Practicing Allied Health Professional or the Medical Scribe Professional training programs are prepared and qualified to sit for the national scribe certification exam administered by the American Healthcare Documentation Professionals Group.

On-site Training Program

AHDPG team members are available to come to your site to support the launch of your scribe program. Our Onsite Support program provides each scribe the opportunity to shadow our scribe trainer (while trainer scribes), then allows each scribe the opportunity to begin scribing themselves while trainer shadows. In addition, time is spent with clinic administrators, physicians and other care team members to establish physician-scribe best practices and any individual or specific clinic requirements.  Included in our onsite training is:

  • A meeting with providers regarding scribe best practices, preferences, etc.
  • A meeting with managers/administrators/stakeholders for general discussion.
  • Initial meeting with scribes for overview of week’s training/Q&A session.
  • Half day on-site training per scribe. Scribes will shadow the on-site trainer (while trainer scribes) for several patients, then begin scribing themselves while trainer shadows.
  • Wrap-up meeting with managers, administrators, providers and scribes.
  • 30-day ongoing support and training

Ongoing Support and Training

AHDPG team members are available via phone and online sessions to answer questions and provide ongoing support for a period of 30 days following the completion of the onsite training engagement, when necessary. In addition, depending upon the needs of the organization ongoing training in a variety of areas can be provided  including the specialties outlined below.

Optional Program: Find Us a Scribe!

Today, many administrators do not have the time or the know-how to recruit, train and effectively bring on board a scribe for their organization.  Based on your own image or profile, AHDPG team members are available to recruit, select and train individual(s) to work for your organization as a fully functioning scribe.

On-site Medical Scribe Organizational Assessment

Our On-site Medical Scribe Organizational Assessment is designed to assess your scribe’s existing efforts to:

  • Quickly navigate between EHR sections (History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, Physical Exam, etc.).
  • Complete all necessary chart sections.
  • Understanding of required coding components of chart sections.
  • Utilization of proper spelling, grammar, and medical terminology in all charts.
  • Proficiency and efficiency while working in the EHR.

 And assesses each Provider’s existing efforts to:

  • Work effectively with their scribes (best practices).
  • Understand what a scribe is and isn’t able to do.
  • Ensure that each Providers’ expectations and preferences are being met.
  • Identify any workflow, policy or protocol issues.

Full Program Facilitation

Full program facilitation is available for clients who need more comprehensive support.  Our services in this area can include any and all of the following:

  • Assemble the right team members.
  • Determine which model– Medical Scribe or Team-Based– will best fit your needs.
  • Decide who is in the best position to help develop the team based documentation activities and protocols.
  • Develop a pilot plan.
  • Recruit and select the pilot personnel.
  • Document your new team-based documentation workflow.
  • Develop the metrics by which to measure the success of your team-based documentation program.
  • Leverage our online training program to provide your team members with the new knowledge they will need in this transition.
  • Provide on-site training and support for your newly trained documentation team members, including your clinicians and office staff.
  • Provide “Train the Trainer” support so as you build scribe capacity you can become increasingly self-sufficient.
  • Facilitate ongoing program support, where needed.

All with the goal of ultimately turning the program over to you!

Specialty Module Training

Depending upon the needs of your organization additional training in the following specialties is available.

Specialty Training Available
Cardiology Dermatology

*The following specialties are under development. Request the ones you would like to see next in the form on the right.

Orthopedics (coming soon) Family/Internal Medicine
Endocrinology Ophthalmology
Gastroenterology Obstetrics/Gynecology
Immunology Otorhinolaryngology
Laboratory Studies Pulmonology
Medical Imaging Urology
Neurology Oncology


Q: What is Team-based documentation?

A: Team-based documentation, also referred to as “scribing,” is a process where staff assists with documenting visit notes, entering orders and referrals, and queuing up prescriptions in real-time while in the exam room with the physician and the patient. This frees the physician to focus on the patient.

Q: What is a scribe?

A: A scribe is an individual who works alongside a physician with the goal of reducing the administrative burden on the physician.  Scribes specialize in medical data entry into the electronic medical record system and in compliance with efficient workflow process, thus increasing the medical provider’s capacity to provide direct patient care. A scribe actively monitors incoming medical testing results such as blood and urine tests, x-ray and other imaging reports in order to prevent unnecessary delays and expedite patient dispositioning.

Q: Do scribes provide direct patient care?

A: No. Scribes do not provide any direct patient care unless they are also medical assistants or nurses or have similar license.

Q: What kind of facilities are using scribes today?

A: As the use of the electronic medical record grows; so does the use of medical scribes.  Historically, scribes have been most frequently used in the ER, however more recently medical scribes are being used throughout the hospital as well as in physician practices and urgent care centers.

Q: How does the AHDPG Team-based Documentation Implementation Program differ from those offered by other organizations?

A: The AHDPG team-based documentation implementation program leverages the client’s existing infrastructure and works as an extension of your organization to augment those areas where you might need assistance.  In most instances, healthcare organizations are already able to attract, recruit and oversee their own medical scribes but require our assistance to educate and train those individuals to be highly effective medical scribes.  In other instances, healthcare organizations might look to us for assistance in other areas as well.  In working with you we are able to bring our many years of experience and insight to your initiative to start an internal medical scribe program at your facility.

Q: What is the training process for a new scribe?

A: Our online medical scribe program has evolved over time and will continue to evolve in the future.  We currently have two programs. Our Medical Scribe Professional training program is designed for individuals with limited or no healthcare experience. Our Medical Scribe for Practicing Allied Health Professionals training program is designed for individuals who possess at least two years of work experience. To qualify for the Medical Scribe for Practicing Allied Health Professionals Training Program a candidate must pass (score 80 or above) on our Medical Scribe for Practicing Allied Health Professionals Student Screening Assessment.

Q: What is the biggest differentiator to your program versus others?

A: Our team-based documentation implementation program is designed to help you establish an internal scribe program at your facility. As such, our sole interest is in helping you launch this program, leverage our training solutions to build competent medical scribes in your image and let you do what you do best – provide optimal patient care. In the end we charge for only the services we provide; relieving you of having to pay a premium on an ongoing basis for each hour a scribe works for you.

Q: What if I have a question that is not on this page?

A: Please contact us at 800-407-1186 Ext 803 or drop us a quick email at

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