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We believe that access to better information, industry trends, and important learning opportunities and events are essential to improving care. We also understand that we don’t have all the answers. It takes the wisdom of many to improve from where we are. Therefore we created this area of our site. The information you will find here is intended to educate, inform, and generate conversation. You are welcome to this information and we look forward to many engaging, productive conversations.

Medical Scribe Job Description and Certification Exam Blueprint

The Medical Scribe Certification Exam Blueprint is based on the Medical Scribe Job Description and the core competencies outlined below. It is a voluntary credentialing exam for individuals who wish to earn the CMSPTM credential. The MSCE exam is designed to assess competency in medical scribing by determining if a candidate has the core knowledge and skills needed to practice medical scribing effectively in today’s healthcare environment.

Improving Quality & Efficiency of the Healthcare Documentation Process 

The healthcare documentation process continues to evolve and regulatory, financial, and operational factors are putting pressure on healthcare organizations to make significant improvements to their clinical documentation processes. As the demand for more accurate and timely documentation increases, Health Information Management professionals (HIM) need to find ways to improve the clinical documentation processes at the institutions where they work.

Transcription Services Financial and Operational Analysis

Many healthcare organizations today are looking for ways to become financially and operationally efficient. Over the years AHDPG has helped numerous organizations reduce costs, improve quality, and optimize operational efficiency by looking at a multitude of factors impacting an organization’s healthcare documentation creation costs.  This handy tool is the first step in a process and can help your organization evaluate whether outsourcing transcription can help reduce your overall costs, improve the quality of your healthcare documentation, and improve operations.

Industry Accepted Activity Standards for Medical Scribes

This handy tool is a roadmap of the activities Certified Medical Scribe Professionals should and should not do as they implement their services on a day-to-day basis. A reference sheet of Dos and Don’ts for today’s Medical Scribe.


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