Medical Scribe Credential Update

Medical Scribe Credential Update Request

An individual who has earned the Certified Medical Scribe Professional (CMSPTM) credential has successfully passed the credentialing exam and holds over 200 hours of on-the-job medical scribe experience.

Those individuals who passed the exam but did not have these hours at the time of testing earn the Apprentice Medical Scribe Professional (AMSPTM) credential until they meet the 200-hour requirement and this has been documented with our organization.

To verify the status of your certification or the certification of someone you know, please complete the form below.

To update the status of your credential (i.e. you have attained the 200 hours of on-the-job medical scribe work experience) please complete the Scribe Credential Update Request Form on the right.

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Scribe Credential Update Request

  • Request your current AMSP certification credential be updated to CMSP after you have acquired at least 200 hours of experience.
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